Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a range of questions frequently asked by our clients and through enquiries.

Do you offer a guarantee? Yes, all our installations are guaranteed for ten years.

Are your windows energy rated? We offer a range of energy rating options, and this is something we’ll discuss with you when quoting.

Do you offer a range of colours? Yes, all our products are available in a range of standard and bespoke colour, including white, cream, rosewood, light oak and grey, among others.

How long does the installation take? As all our products are made-to-measure, this can vary a little. We can normally measure, make and install your windows within three weeks of receiving the deposit.

Can I see some samples before I make up my mind? Yes, we’d love you to come and visit our workshop at Bridewater Park, Weymouth Rd, Winton, Eccles, Manchester, M30 8BT. We’re proud of our products, and we’re always happy to show them off. We normally have a range of styles and colours available, allowing you to compare samples side by side before making a decision.

Can I change my mind? You can change your mind about style, colour and design right up until paying the deposit. After that, as all our products are made-to-measure, we’re unable to make changes to your order.

Do I need planning permission? This varies on an individual basis, depending on the type of installation. We’ll check this for you, and, if necessary, take charge of the application and administration for full peace of mind.

If your question is not answered here then please contact us on 0161 787 7277 or click here for the enquiry form.